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Howell Street Apartments and Houses – the Right Choice for Your Son or Daughter

Howell Street Apartments & House Rentals, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

For many young adults, a productive college career can be the foundation for lifelong success. There will be no greater contributor to your son or daughter’s academic success than the environment in which he/she lives. Our carefully-designed apartments and well-appointed houses are the perfect “next step” for your child as they move off-campus and transition to independent, responsible adult living. At Howell Street Apartments and houses, we provide students with the ideal location and environment to succeed personally, academically and socially.
Our Chapel Hill location is, in many ways, ideal - a short walk to the southern part of campus that includes the nursing, pharmacy, business and dentistry schools and just two blocks from several free bus lines that go directly to other parts of campus and Franklin Street. The property is located in a safe, all-student neighborhood with an extremely low crime rate. In addition, we have provided each apartment with its own security system and we have installed bright exterior lights to insure that the entire complex, including the parking lots, is very well-lit at night.

Howell Street Apartments & House Rentals, Chapel Hill, North CarolinaRENTAL CONTRACT LIABILITY
By signing an individual parent guarantee letter for your child, you are only responsible for the rent of your child. You have no liability for the rent of the other apartment residents - one less thing for you to worry about. In additional to this protection, with our joint leases, you and your child control who they live with. This is a significant advantage over the individual leases used at most other all-student apartments where if a roommate decides to study abroad for a semester or moves out for some reason, management has the right to place anyone they choose as a roommate to live with your child. In those apartments, your child doesn’t know who they might be living with. Not at Howell Street Apartments and houses - just another way we give you peace of mind.

Howell Street Apartments and houses are priced very reasonably, making them a tremendous value in terms of safety, security, quiet comfort and location. You can rent an apartment now for 2013-2014 for $2,700 ($450 per bedroom) for a lower unit or $2,850 ($475 per bedroom) for an upper apartment. Rent our Howell Street houses now for $2000 ($500 per bedroom).

At Howell Street Apartments and houses, we're always on duty. Our apartments are managed 24/7 with by a professional staff experienced and skilled in addressing all of your student’s needs. While many local properties have absentee landlords and substandard maintenance programs, at Howell Street Apartments and houses our staff is proactive and responsive to any maintenance concerns you and your child may have. If the tenants need help with anything, they know we are only a phone call, text or email away.

Howell Street Apartments & House Rentals, Chapel Hill, North CarolinaAll maintenance requests are given immediate attention. We take pride in our reputation among the UNC student-body for our exceptional maintenance record. We encourage you and your son or daughter to ask the current residents of Howell Street Apartments and houses how quickly and thoroughly we respond to any and all maintenance and repair issues. We don’t wait for tenants to call. We implement a year-round program of scheduled preventative maintenance to do our best to solve problems before they become problems.

The ingenious floor plans, combined with the extra insulation between apartments, enables our tenants to study or sleep in peace and quiet in their large bedrooms or enjoy the company of their friends in the spacious living room/dining room area. When we rebuilt these apartments from the ground up only four years ago, we installed extra insulation and the highest-efficiency windows and roofing, in order to keep utility bills as low as possible. Each apartment also has TWO high-efficiency HVAC (heating/air conditioning) units and TWO high-efficiency 80-gallon hot water heaters. Each apartment has TWO high-efficiency washer/dryer units, meaning that residents never have to go to a separate laundry room or drive to a laundromat to do their laundry.

Ample off-street parking, reserved for our residents and their guests only, enables our tenants to come and go as they please and ensures no resident has a long walk from their car to their apartment or house. The Olympic-size sand volleyball court, grounds with picnic tables and barbeques provide a productive outlet when your child needs a break from studying.

We are dedicated to making our tenants’ experience of living in these properties as safe and enjoyable as possible. It is a point of pride with us to repair any problems that may arise as quickly as possible

Each year Howell Street Apartments and houses rent in the fall for move-in dates of June 3 or August 3 of the following year. Because of our popularity and value, all of our apartments and houses are usually rented well before Winter Break for the following year.

All the group needs to do to rent is submit the Residential Rental Contract signed by all roommates and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. We offer the option of putting down a fully-creditable non-refundable deposit of $1000 which guarantees to hold the apartment or house for 10 days while the remainder of the security deposit is assembled.

Howell Street Apartments, you or your child can pay rent online setting up monthly auto payments.

We recommend Bed Bath & Beyond for their great Checklist of everything your student will need, plus Moving Solutions and Practical Solutions videos.

We urge parents to obtain Renter’s Insurance to protect your son or daughter’s personal belongings. Renter’s Insurance covers any damages done by water, fire and/or theft to their personal property.

Bottom Line – Peace of Mind for You